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Yesterday, I went to a “normal” salsa/Latino discotheque here in Lausanne for the first time. (So far I’d been to some soirĂ©es organized by dance schools.) I wanted to go with other people, but everybody else dropped out at the last moment, so I ended up going alone.

Obviously, the basic assumption to make about a guy, who goes to a discotheque alone, is that he’s trying to pull someone. But I really just went there to dance. And so I danced. With lots of people. In fact, I would have liked to dance with even more until a somewhat peculiar girl tried to claim me all for herself. I danced with her once (as she was sitting next to me) and then had to work quite hard to “get rid of her” because she was always asking me to dance with her, and I’m simply too polite to refuse. She was certainly cute (though not a fantastic dancer) but I still don’t enjoy being touched by strangers while I’m just having a break and am sitting on a couch. At one point I almost had to laugh when, while she was trying to sit as close to me as possible, she sort of hugged me and when I turned around (as I thought that she wanted to say something or so) she said that it was nothing. Eventually her brother came to my rescue by asking her to dance, which gave me a chance to slip away.

But then, soon, I again made an unwise choice concerning a dance partner. A completely untalented beginner. (Not her fault, of course.) After one song, which felt like 1 hour, I said “merci” and felt incredibly relieved, but she firmly grabbed my hand and also wanted to show me some place quite to talk. I had to struggle quite a bit until she finally understood that “non, merci!” meant “no”.

I really should get this “I just want to dance with you” shirt. Alternatively: Katja, come and rescue me! 🙂


No, it’s not some golden/platinum credit card. It’s the German Bahncard (a card for discounts on German trains).

It actually opens the door to access ATMs after the working hours of banks. Really strange, but I could really use it to open the door at the Sparkasse close to Johanniskirche in SB. I was just absent-minded again and took out the wrong card. When I was about to put it into the ATM I realized that it was my Bahncard. Apparently, any magnetic strip will do.

Next time I should try to see if I can also withdraw money with it.


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