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Having a bad day? Then maybe this song will cheer your up:

Ren & Stimpy’s “Happy, happy, joy, joy”

What? Still wearing frown? Well, nothing the Happy Tree Friends couldn’t cure. Just search on youtube for any of their 3 minute cartoons.

Of course, some argue that it’s best not to worry about being happy, as the less you try consciously, the more you might succeed. Philip Hamerton writes in his “The Quest of Happiness”:

“The doubt has often been expressed whether it is of any use to concern ourselves about happiness at all. The less we think about it, the less we consciously aim at it, the more probable it is, according to this view, that we shall attain enough of it for our needs. If this is really the case, happiness must be strangely different from all other objects of human desire. Suppose that the object in view is wealth, or learning, or reputation – does it seem probable, in the nature of things, that a fortune will be made the most surely by the man who never calculates, that scholarship will be attained by an idler who never reads, or that fame will be the reward of the infertile and unproductive intellect? The truth is that those who affirm the uselessness of the pursuit of happiness are generally engaged in following it themselves, but indirectly; and I may be permitted to observe that the directness or indirectness of the road that is taken does not alter the nature or the end.”

Anyways, if you can read German then a sure way to be happy is to look at these images (which are Uli Stein cartoons, not to be confused with Uli Stein).


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