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I’m a vicious person and never denied this. Some naive people, who were not aware of this, realized this when they fell for my answering machine’s welcome message. It’s a simple: “Salut!” (…. “Hi!” in French … in case that’s not clear to you)

Now it’s really entertaining to listen to the “messages” people leave. They often just start talking, talking and talking … and eventually wonder why there is not reply from the other side. Most people at this point simply panic, hang up and don’t call again. But not a certain anonymous person who I hold in highest esteem. Let’s just call here Katja S. and suppose she’s from St. Wendel.

She was convinced that there was some sort of connection problem and called again … and again … and again … and, yes, again! I guess I feel flattered by this apparent urge to talk to me, but I was also very amused by the fact that five perfectly identical mutterings of the word “salut” did not give any clue to what was going on.

Oh, what a joy! ­čśë

PS: I know I’ll have to suffer at some point for writing this but I guess I deserve it.


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