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Well, actually PET-friendly.

There are recycle containers for PET bottles everywhere. And lots of posters, encouraging your to recycle your PET bottles.

I mean, I have no problem with that but I just find it strange that this particular campaign dominates everything. I haven’t seen a single “Save energy” poster, or a “recycle paper” poster. Is this some sort of test campaign to see, how much the public behavior can be changed, given a sufficiently large campaign budget?

Reminds me a bit about the time when the “Grüner Punkt” (“green point”, a symbol related to recycling) was introduced in Germany. Everybody spoke about it and learned to love the “Gelbe Säcke” (“yellow bags”, used [theoretically] to collect recycable plastics etc). Now they are actually thinking about abolishing the Grüner Punk as

  1. In some parts the percentage of recyclable plastics and the like is actually higher in the regular garbage.
  2. Machines can nowadays do a pretty good job in separating the materials.
  3. Many recyclable materials do not carry the Grüner Punkt, as their manufacturers do not contribute financially to the system.

Oh well, at least I’ve learned to be an obedient citizen so far and have kept/recycled all my PET bottles, 4 so far.


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