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I used to be proud of the fact, to (probably) be the only man on earth to do 6 triathlons – without clipless pedals. [For non-cyclists: With these pedals your (special) bicycle shoes are essentially locked to the pedals, so that no force exerted by you is lost. Any sane person would want this effect and hence use clipless pedals.]

Oh well, these days are gone now. Now my old, crappy road bike is offically pimped!

Somewhat embarrassingly, I did not manage to remove one of the old pedals myself. The corresponding screw simply proved too much for me and my small tool box. So I ended up going to a local bicycle store (actually just a department in “Karstadt”) where I found my hero. In less than 5 seconds the pedal was off. I had tried for at least 20 minutes in vain (… cursing horribly most of that time).

His colleagues called him Popeye afterwards. Deservedly.

[As most of you will know, Popeye gains his strength from spinach, which, according to the general wisdom, contains lots of iron. As I found out 2 years ago, this is actually not true. This myth was born when in some standard nutrition table a scientist made a mistake and put the decimal point in the wrong place – effectively boosting the iron contained in 100gr of spinach by a factor of 10. Coincidence or not but since I know that spinach is actually not the super healthy food, it tastes a lot better to me.]


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