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Pumpkins – aren’t those these big orange things that people use on Halloween to carve various things out of?

True. But legend has it that they can also be eaten and, among other things, serve as a great base for a soup. So, thanks to these alleged  culinary qualities, pumpkins have been exempt from various taxes, just as other kinds of food in the US.

But fairy tales can hardly be taken as evidence when it comes to levying taxes and so clever bureaucrates in Iowa decided to set the record straight and to finally classify according to their predominant use: as a decorational item. If you do decide to worship some occult deity and to actually eat them, then you’ll have to fill out a form to be exempted from the tax.

I’m not sure what to make of this. At first I simply found it absolutely ridiculous and hilarious. But, when you think about it, the authorities might be right in their own sick way. Worst of all, our culture can apparently afford to produce significant amounts of food for purely decorational purposes. This somehow leaves a very strange flavor in my mouth, and I’m not sure if it’s pumpkin.

… when you have to search 5 minutes for a bowl for your breakfast cereal!

But at least the search was sooo worth it as I found the dumbest bowl possible: an orange bunny bowl, i.e., it has two small feet and the relief of a bunny, which is chewing on a carrot. That even makes you forget the fact that, due to the lack of proper spoon, you have to eat your cereal with a teaspoon.


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