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If mankind is ever to colonize new planets, I just hope that it’s not a Swiss person who gets to choose the new city names, as there is a real risk that even simply assigning numbers as names might turn out to be more creative. At least in the Suisse romande every other village seems to be named *ully.







I’d be very thankful, if someone can let me know, if this is due to some funny speech defect of a local duke, or if the suffix “ully” has any particular significance.

Last Saturday there was an “Soirée africa, stand up!” at Le Bourg. This started with a showing of the film Fangafrika, a documentary about African hip hop and rap, which followed by a percussion concert (with people from the audience coming on stage both as musicians and as dancers), and finally ended with a DJ playing African music (though I didn’t stay for that part).

What was “funny” to see was how a trip to Senegal was advertised in flyers. One of the things included in such an organized journey was a trip to a village which was guaranteed not to have electricity or running water. Maybe the company can boost its sales further by also guaranteeing a minimum quota of HIV positive people and a certain number of children dying from malnutrition.

A single banker, fairly low in the hierachy, caused the Société Générale a damage of 5 billion Euros. (If you earn 100k Euros per year and if you work for 50 yers, you’ll have earned 5 million, a mere 0.1% of this sum.) For some reason a Tagesschau article dealing with this event uses only the “anonymized” name Jerome K. in their article. But the third link below is entitled “Was Kerviel a single perpetrator?“.

So much for the anonymity of Jerome Kerviel, who now even has a Wikipedia page  🙂


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