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Today I went to CopyQuick (which Sarunas kindly told me about) to ask them to print “Le petit prince” on a t-shirt. Apparently, judging from the confused look on the clerk’s face, this is not a standard thing to do.

He couldn’t tell me any exact price but suggested that (i) I prepare the copies in advance (by grouping pages etc.) and that (ii) I select a subset of the about 90 A6 pages. (i) would be no problem (… except that I’ll have to go back to the shop for the color copies of the drawings) but (ii) ….well, selecting a subset would be difficult. After all, it’s really about having the book, and not just a few nice illustrations from it. I estimated that by shrinking the size quite a bit and by using the sleeves etc. (which I wanted to do anyways) I could fit about 40-50 pages on a single shirt.

A clever friend of mine, whose space-time coordinates coincidentally agreed with mine this afternoon, then had the original idea of also printing something on the inside of the shirt. Then I could wear it inside-out to read the second half. I thought about this for a while, but currently I favor her second proposal: just print it on two shirts. Then I could wear “part 1” on Monday and “part 2” on Tuesday (… yes, of the same week, in case you’re wondering about the hygiene of a computer scientist).

Now I just have to play a bit with how to actually arrange the pages.

I also think that I’m actually not infringing any copyright laws, as Antoine de Saint Exupéry died more than 50 years ago. So, if I remembered the “critical threshold” correctly, the Disney characters will also become part of the public domain in 8 years, as it will then be 50 years that their inventor Walt Disney went to see his maker.


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