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The word bulldozer wandered through his mind for a moment in search
of something to connect with.
The bulldozer outside the kitchen window was quite a big one.
He stared at it. “Yellow,” he thought and stomped back to his bedroom
to get dressed.
Passing the bathroom he stopped to drink a large glass of water, and
another. He began to suspect that he was hung over. Why was he hung
over? Had he been drinking the night before? He supposed that he must
have been. He caught a glint in the shaving mirror. “Yellow,” he thought
and stomped on to the bedroom.

You surely know how it continues and which book this is taken from. [If you don’t – shame on you!]

“Orange,” Ingmar thought. “Orange will probably be the colour of my first car.”

I’ll most likely buy an orange second-hand Opel Astra Caravan this Saturday. 4 years old and 35,000km.

No, not a “family car”, at least not in my case. Just a car with lots of space for my bicycle and/or lots of luggage to transport to Switzerland.


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