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When you pass a construction site on a German autobahn you’ll probably see a sign that says something like: “Construction until winter 2008”. Usually, you have to add about half a year to the already not very concrete statement to get a more realistic prediction.

Now in Switzerland the signs tell a different story. They give concrete dates, such as: “Construction until December 19, 2008”.

Unfortunately, I cannot say, whether these predictions are always correct, although I’d assume they are. In either case it gives you an impression how well-planned things in Switzerland are.

Les grandes personnes aiment les chiffres.” [Taken from Le petit prince, page 23 … which is on the front of my new favorite shirt.]

I guess I’ve become one of them. At least I’m looking forward to welcoming the 5th decimal digit tomorrow.

Whoever will visit me in Lausanne and stays for more than 2 nights or so will probably be taken to the castle of Chillon. In terms of interior design/furniture etc. it’s actually not amazingly beautiful. But the location is certainly fantastic and the architecture of the defense structure is worth seeing.

The guided tour was, in my opinion, not that great. At least I did not manage to remember a lot of facts, because it seemed to lack a clear structure somehow, jumping between 14th and 18th century in every other sentence. Still entertaining though. The two facts I did remember are that (i) Switzerland was founded in 129* on August 1 at 8pm (EST, not Greenwich) [… don’t remember the * though …] and that (ii) it was founded on the solid basis of joint hate/fear of the “Germans/Austrians” (or rather the Habsburg).

My roommates here are impressed by my level of energy. But I’m simply trying to stay busy. Salsa dancing in Geneva. Photography exhibition in Lausanne. Semi-suicidal hiking close to Les Diablerets. Basketball. Cinema. Laundry+shopping.

Great weekend. The summer here can be sooo nice.

About a month ago, I started receiving a particular kind of email spam (in large numbers): “You’ve received an ecard from X”

Here X could be (as a literal string) “a colleague”, “a neighbor”, “an admirer”, “a partner”, “a friend” …

Somehow I wish they’d be more creative and would also from time to time use something like “your dentist”, “the guy with white jeans you bumped into yesterday”, “Elvis Presley”, “your future ex-girlfriend”, “a spammer”, “Harry Potter” …

Then I’d probably even start clicking on the links. ­čÖé


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