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I recently thought “What the f***?” when I heard a (French) radio commercial for a weight loss center called “Terraform“.

You probably know that “terraforming” refers to reshaping whole planets, to make them more earth-like or at least inhabitable by humans. So the idea of an analogy between reshaping a whole planet and losing some weight did not exactly strike me as being a politically correct euphemism.

Today, I finally realized that the company’s name is actually “Theraform” (which sounded just the same on the radio). Funnily, even former guests of this beauty and health center (aka fat camp) get the name wrong and refer to it as either terraform or teraform.

Les grandes personnes aiment les chiffres.” [Taken from Le petit prince, page 23 … which is on the front of my new favorite shirt.]

I guess I’ve become one of them. At least I’m looking forward to welcoming the 5th decimal digit tomorrow.

… how this world works.

If somebody had told me this morning that a person was denied the right to immigrate solely on the basis of his/her weight, I would have considered this some sort of sick joke. But no, sure enough, the world is really this crazy.

Richie Trezise is currently fasting so that she can join her husband in New Zealand. She has a BMI of 42 (where 25 is already considered overweight).  New Zealand’s immigration laws only allow a certain maximum waist circumference (88 centimeters for women and 102 for men). Her husband just barely made this cut.

I find this extremely discriminating. It seems to tacitly assume that we are 100% in control of our own body weight, which is more than doubtful. It also doesn’t even give her the option to pay more for health insurance (… increased costs for health care being the supposed reason for denying her immigration …).


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