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That’s my current age in days.

It occurred to me today while running that I had missed the chance to celebrate my 10,000th, well, I would say “diaversary“. However, the term “diaversary” seems to refer to your “birthday” as a diabetic, though I’m not sure if this is the day of the diagnosis or what exactly it marks.

Anyways, I’ll probably celebrate the 12345th day of my life. Of course, this nice pattern of increasing digits is rather arbitrary, as it depends on the decimal system. If you write the same number in binary you get 11000000111001. So it’s not so much a property of the number itself as of its representation. In the meantime, I might also celebrate my 10809th day, as this is a lucky number. [Yes, there’s a mathematical definition for a number to be a “lucky number”.] The property of being a lucky number is, just as the property of being a prime number, independent of the representation. So this is as good an excuse as any to celebrate.

For the nerds: The Goldbach’s Conjecture also seems to hold for pairs of lucky numbers, which are always odd.

… a small grocery store has a choice of three different cards for the 65-th wedding anniversary (called “Star Sapphire Anniversary”).

I realized in horror yesterday that the Cookie Monster on Sesame Street is no more. Well, he still exists but he’s no cookie maniac anymore. (At least not in the US.) It already died a few years ago but I simply didn’t know.

Apparently, some sick bureaucrats without any childhood thought that a monster who constantly eats cookies is not the kind of role model that modern kids should grow up with. A similar fate seems to have struck Oscar the Grouch, a maniacally depressed monster who lives in a trashcan. Again, not exactly the usual role model in time of political correctness.

I don’t know the current status on German TV. Can anybody tell me?

… it realize/remember later that it’s my birthday (soon).

This year it happened on the night before when I was setting my alarm (on my mobile phone) and I realized that it was the 13th. So I thought: “Oh, tomorrow is my birthday.” I mean, before I had also thought about it but those were just passing, almost unconscious thoughts.

I guess next year there’d be a good chance that I’d forget completely (which would be alright with me, especially as it’ll be my 30th), were it not for those kind (and appreciated) birthday reminders/cards by phone or by email. And unless my life change quite drastically within the next 12 months, it’s unlikely that I won’t check my email and turn off my mobile phone┬á ­čÖé


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