About 6 weeks ago I started slacklining. A great sport!

As I don’t have a good natural sense of balance I’m not a exactly talented for this sport but, with practice, even I have managed to make progress and my current record is now at 20 steps on the line without falling. No jumps, nothing fancy, just walking on a line 20cm above the ground.

Apart from slacklining, another free-time activity I enjoy are my tango classes. One of my dreams for the coming year is to combine the two and to find somebody to dance tango with … on a slackline!

As tango puts a lot of emphasis on “keeping your balance” it quite naturally lends itself to this endeavor.

So, if you’re in Barcelona (or near) and you can already slackline a bit and are generally interested in dancing, do get in touch!

If I can’t find anybody to dance with, I’ll have to stick to more mainstream/boring ideas such as juggling on a slackline. But so far that is still at least 4-5 months in the future …