This is mostly a post for myself as I don’t want to forget three sights, which I made in Cambridge, UK, over the summer.

1. A man playing a guitar in a garbage. On Magdalene Street outside of St. John’s College there’s a big garbage can which you (apparently) can open from the back. So this musician managed to squeeze himself and his instrument in so that the neck of the guitar came out of the slit used for disposing of garbage. This struck me both as rather creative and, somehow, as very British.

2. A free hugger. I had heard/read about the Free Hugs Campaign before, but I had never seen this “live”. I thought a moment about hugging the guy, but not because I needed a hug but because I thought he’d feel good about this. But this then struck me as a rather motivation, and so I didn’t. Still, a fantastic idea … and also exemplary for how screwed up this whole liability issue is in the US. (The initial campaign had to be stopped as the founder did not have public liability insurance.)

3. Lots of rabbits on the ground of Churchill College, close to the Astronomy Department. Ok, this sight you can probably not appreciate. But I had simply never seen so many rabbits have a nibble-in (or whatever the name for their gathering is) in such a close distance. Of course, I’m aware that they are a plague and that their holes are constant concerns to the groundkeepers, but they will simply cute.