Ok, I know it’s cheap to just point to other pages, but here are two true (!) inspiring stories I only heard about for the first time over the summer, though both happened some time ago.

Have you ever heard of Cliff Young? No? Well, neither had I. But when it comes to an inspiring running story, then his story is hard to beat. He won the first Westfield Sydney to Melbourne Ultra Marathon, covering a mere 875km. So much nothing extraordinarily inspiring. But he won this race at the age of 61 … running in gumboots … without ever stopping to sleep.

Kind of embarassing to all the other young, professional runners with their high tech equipment. Cliff used to be a sheep farmer and reported that the frequently had to round up sheep while running 2-3 days non-stop. Needless to say that he immediately became somewhat of an Australian national hero.

But maybe you’ve heard of Philippe Petit? Still no? Oh, well. He only put up a rope between the two twin towers of the WTC in 1974 … and then walked back and forth for about 45 minutes … without any safeguards. Of course, this was not authorized by anybody and so it is (justly) referred to as “the artistic crime of the century“.

His story is also truely amazing. I mean, how do you get up all the equipment without being spotted? And how do you get a 450 pound rope across? This requires some serious planning. I highly recommend the recently released film Man on Wire. Philippe has a captivating personality and his passion or, admittedly, obsession has an inspiring touch to it.