Some things you might not know about animals:

1. Homosexuality, oral sex and even threesomes are common among animals.

2. Even dogs can do the “multiple choice reasoning”: I’m supposed to get the toy “xyz”, but I’ve never heard this name before. But as I know all the other 9 out of 10 toys here, it must be this one. …. Amazing. Read more about Rico.

3. Elephants show some mourning behavior for the dead. [Note, that these are only the “conservative” scientifically verified observations.]

4. Elephants can paint pictures. [I know, the elephant was trained to paint such pictures, but I still find it interesting. There are also untrained, abstract paintings.]

5. Elephants can play the drums in a very steady way.

6. Gorillas can take care of cats.

7. Ok, this is very debated, but there a strong indications that Koko knows GSL (gorilla sign language). See a video here. (Just skip to minute 2 or so, and then skip the annoying breaks.) It seems highly plausible to me, but then the amount of “creativity” in the language that is reported is hard to verify, as Koko’s trainer is pretty much the only (biased) source of information.

8. Chimpanzees understand what other know and will deceive others.