I love Europe.

If you cross the border from Germany to the Netherlands on the E30 you’ll know why. A few kilometers before you leave Germany, there are a signs informing you that you’re about to enter the Netherlands. Now if you’re not from Europe (or if you’re from the UK or Switzerland … well, as I wrote, if you’re not from Europe) then you might expect that one has to stop to have his passport inspected. Admittedly, one has to slow down from 120km/h to 100kh/h for about a kilometer, but that’s it.
I had crossed this border several times before in my life, but I still had a tear in my eyes. It’s just such an overwhelming feeling to cross a border without actually noticing it. I’ll also never forget my time in Saarbrücken, when I could simply go jogging into France along the Saar river and I never quite new, where the actual border was.  No sign whatsoever. (The signs you see on the Google map are only for the boat traffic on the river.) The only indication was a restaurant which had its menu posted in French, and so it’s a fairly safe guess that one has left Germany. I wish the islanders (British and Irish) could share the same experience.