And it’s from yourself.

Last Tuesday it was April Fool’s Day. Being a geek and at all, I sent messages with fake “from” headers to two of my colleagues. In both cases the sender was the recipient.

As in once case I had misspelled the last name in the same as in an earlier message, the recipient could easily identify the source of this prank. So then I got a message “from” my boss saying how disappointed she was by me that I abused EPFL resources and how I should be a role model for the PhD students. 🙂

Fortunately, my boss does not use the official EPFL address but her gmail address to send messages, so I could also easily identify the message as a prank messages. Additionally, the full email header revealed the use of an usual smtp server hosted by

Anyways, the take-home message is:

1. You should never trust the “from” header (or any header) in an email you receive.

2. You can easily send fake messages (e.g., from “”) to friends of yours using this website.