There’s currently an interesting exhibition on “Dieu et la pub” (god and advertisement) in the foyer of Lausanne’s town hall.

It shows both how god and religion is used in ads, but it also shows ads for (Christian) churches. I have to say “Chapeau!” to the people in the ads department of the Episcopal Church. They had a number of very clever posters trying to sell “their” religion as hip and sexy.

In fact, it is an interesting thought on its own, whether there should be more (or any?) commercials for religions on television and so on. I could very well imagine some “sinning flat rates”:

“Pray just once per month, and be as bad as you can be.”

“Choose our all inclusive religion package: Direct email contact to more than 300 officially recognized deities! Complete with our ‘All-you-can-pray’ offer!”

“Does your current religion provider require too much faith from you? Are your current god’s response times too slow? Then change your religion provider now!”

“Get blessed now, pray later.”

“Two saved souls for the price of one. [This offer is only valid until the arrival of the next prophet.]”

Hmm…, this gives me an idea. How much does it cost to broadcast a TV ad? Maybe I should start with a few radio ads. Given what other ads I have to listen to, it should not be too difficult to get past their quality control. Too bad that I just missed April Fool’s Day!

Let me know, if you have other good ideas for slogans. One could at least run a paper campaign on campus. One would just have to design an entertaining but not offensive website and put the URL on the posters.