Last night, we played a murder mystery with the title “Death by Chocolate“.

I have to admit, I’m disappointed. I bought 300gr of chocolate for each of the outspoken chocolate lovers, but we did not even come close to finishing it. At least this means that I don’t have to worry about breakfast/dinner for the next week or so.  🙂

The game itself was, as always for these games, extremely entertaining. If there was a prize for the best impersonation of a character, it would have to go to Irene, aka anti-chocolate campaigner Hazel Nutt, for her very creative and entertaining leaflets warning about the dangers of chocolate.  🙂

A somewhat strange side-effect is that after the game you only remember the names of the characters (and their story) but not the “real” names. For example, there’s now a girl (character: Kit Catt) who’ll always be remembered for her legendary “four finger deep tissue massage”.

Still, I really, really enjoy these games as they “force” people to interact, regardless of how shy or geeky they are. You might find yourself having an affair with somebody you’ve never met before in your life or being blackmailed by a person, whose real name you don’t even know.

Oh, a good tip which I found on the internet and which I also used last night: Toblerone works really with a chocolate fondue!

Another tip: A chocolate tasting test can be fun. Just buy about a dozen of different flavored chocolate bars, break them up into pieces, wrap them in aluminum foil, ask the participants to unwrap/eat them without looking, and see if they can figure out, which pieces are of which flavor.