Especially, given the expectations built up surrounding the Wilders’ film, I have to admit that, at the end, I was pleasantly surprised by “how mild” it was.

People, including myself, were expecting scenes with a burning Koran or even someone urinating on it. Fortunately, this did not happen. So, although it is still insulting as (i) it again shows the famous Muhammed cartoon and (ii) it tries to imply that all Muslims are brain-washed terrorists, it might not create as big a stir as feared.

The biggest danger I see now is “from the other side”, i.e., not from islamistic terrorists but from people abusing the film as a justification to spread a general fear of Islam along with the feeling that “there are too many Muslims in the Netherlands” and “something must be done about it”.

Even given its “mildness” (which I only fully realized today, as all the hate propaganda upset me so much last night) I still maintained it should not have been shown. I’ll just quote a comment from the BBC site which summarizes my view.

“As a law abiding Muslim being born and raised in the West I think this film is appalling. I am all for freedom of speech, every human being has the right to be heard but as the saying goes with power comes responsibility. This film has no other purpose but to perpetuate a growing sense of division in an already deeply divided world. ”
Lena, Luton, UK