Outsider art (aka “art brut“) is an interesting concept: An “artist” performs art without any intention to be awarded recognition or even without telling any other person about his works.

Often this is done by “mentally ill” patients (… although it’s always interesting to think about who/what is normal anyways, whether this is necessarily positive, and who has the right to declare others to be “mentally ill” …). E.g., a person might draw hundreds and hundreds of abstract “faces” of Japanese metro trains. Or another person might lead a “normal” life, draw hundreds of paintings, and these are only discovered after his death.

This level of obsession leads to an unusual intensity of the piece of art, especially if you know a bit about the history of a given “artist”.

To get a quick glimpse at this art, you can run a Google image search. But it is far more interesting to actually go to the musée de la Collection de l’art brut in Lausanne. They currently have an exhibition about Japanese outsider art and they have lots of videos showing the life and the work of each artist.

On my own, it probably would have taken me at least a few more months to discover this museum, but fortunately I had visitors from the hospitality club, which I could accompany to this museum. It is honestly always an honor and a pleasure to welcome such visitors to my place.