I don’t have a very sensitive sense of smell, but I don’t suffer from anosmia.

In fact, today I encountered one of those rare moments where I remembered a smell which I had last smelt over 10 years ago. I still don’t know what exactly it was, and I’m very bad at describing sensual impressions of any kind, but I do remember that the last time I smelled it was in England (in Bognor Regis) when I went there as an exchange student over Easter. Today I smelled the same smell when I was running along the lake. So maybe it is some kind of spring+water smell, but which only occurs very locally, as it was only discernible for about 20 meters.

Apart from the smell, the thought process in my mind was interesting. Searching for something to connect this smell to. A very odd mix of a feeling of familiarity and confusion.