If you’ve ever taken a language course you will have surely had to writeyour name on small piece of paper. So far no problem. But then you aresupposed to make this piece of paper stand more or less upright, so that it is clearly visible from the front of the room. Now this is not so easy.

Most people try with a single fold, which only works if your paper is really quite stiff.
Other go one step further and try to flatten the “feet” so that the paper has a larger surface to rest on. This gives a small improvement.
A fairly robust solution involves simply “filling” the tent-like structure with, e.g., a pencil case. Of course, this has disadvantages if you later actually need to access any item from that pencil case.

In cases where it is possible to use a large sheet of paper, e.g., A4, I’ve always preferred the solution where you go for a proper
triangle-shaped cross section rather than just a V-shaped one. A “drawing” would look this this. (Ignore the ‘.’ s)

…./……… \
../…………. \\

In most cases, this solution works very well, but it did not work for my current French course where we were only given rather small pieces of
paper and so wasting about 30% of the total length just for the bottom was not an option.
Fortunately, I had a clever seat-neighbor. She used a single fold, which would not have worked on its own, but then added dog ears to each of the upper corners. This added a lot of stability to the whole construction.

Finally, I can go to sleep with one problem less to worry about..