Don’t cross the border from Luxembourg to Belgium if you have a suitcase of money in your car. That’s the kind of advice a few well-off Germans would have appreciated a few months earlier.

A gang of criminals, pretending to be policemen, made at least €500k during the last years by stopping business class cars with German number plates and somewhat elderly drivers, returning from Luxembourg via Belgium to Germany.

The cars were then searched for unusual amounts of money with the apparent claim that the policemen had to verify whether the money was not forged. Apparently, it is not that “unusual” for people to go to Luxembourg, to withdraw around €10-20k in cash and then to come back to Germany.

The police believes that not all the poor victims filed charges later on, as some might be afraid of being sued for tax fraud. After all: why would you go to Luxembourg to withdraw considerable amounts of money in cash?

I have to admit that I kind of admire the style of these criminals. Nobody got hurt or was even threatened.  Anyways, you can read the full story (in German) here.