That was odd.

This morning I was waiting at a red traffic light at this intersection. Just as pretty much every morning. So I was looking around and reading random stickers and slogans on cars around me. Right in front of me there was a huge tractor with some sort of agricultural machine behind it. And on this machine there was an address. Wegholmer Str. 14. 32469 Petershagen.

Now this might not strike you as odd. But the fact is that I live (or rather my mom lives) just ten houses away from that address. A mere 200 meters down the road. So I was a bit startled to see this address anywhere in Lausanne. [Well, first it actually took me a while to figure out, what exactly was so familiar, yet so odd about this address.]

Jenz is a “local” (… if you happen to live where I used to live …) company specialized on grinders and chippers. I knew they were exporting their products all over the world, but only know could I witness this with my own eyes when I saw a bit of “home” on the road in Lausanne.