A beautiful winter (or spring?) day, a nice lake and my running gear. That’s all it takes to make Ingmar happy.

I really enjoy running reasonably long distances (20km) but fairly slowly (2h). You feel, you see, you hear, but you don’t really think coherently. You just run.

You observe things. Birds, the water, the light, people. The atmosphere changes. For 1-2 km you’re on a crowded esplanade, then you’re in a bit of forest.  You just run. You hear pieces of conversations, you try to interpret facial expressions and you just run.

You’re not actively searching or waiting for anything. Things just come to you and you acknowledge them without judging them or holding on to them.

Your mind is open and relaxed, but not focussed on anything. You just run.

Try it. But be sure to pace yourself and to run as slowly as possible. You’ll be surprised how far you can get.