Today or tomorrow we will have the first incidence of a missile “shooting down” (or rather disintegrating) a satellite.

This satellite is a spy satellite under the name “USA 193“, which lost all radio contact shortly after being put in orbit. Left alone, it would hit the earth in the first week of March. The satellite has tanks filled with hydrazine as a propellant. Hydrazine is highly toxic and, if the tanks do not explode during reentry, the material would be enough to contaminate about 2 football fields with a lethal dose.

Now all the scientists involved in the project thought: Who cares. Chances that it would hit land, let alone any populated area of the earth are just ridiculously small. The tanks will probably explode during reentry anyways.

But the military thought: Let’s shoot it down! We cannot let this hydrazine injure innocent people or pollute the environment.

I know, I know. The US military if famous for saving mankind and in particular the environment. But I, as a paranoid skeptic, have to agree with this scientist who thinks that they are just keen to have a chance to test their anti-satellite weaponry. I wonder why so far nobody has claimed that the satellite was even supposed to fail.

Needless to say that the power to destroy the enemy’s satellites gives an enormous strategic advantage.