I was planning to participate in the Austrian double ironman triathlon in Neulengbach this summer. Unfortunately, this race won’t take place this year.  😦

There’s a triple ironman triathlon in Lensahn, Germany, but this would be too much for me without having done a double ironman first.

There’s also a double ironman triathlon in Birmingham, UK, but this race has been fully booked for more than two months.

Finally, there’s also a race over the double distance in Lévis, Canada, but I don’t want to fly to Canada just for this race. [It would also make it impossible for me to find any “support crew” of helping friends.]

So, I guess, I’ll just do another ironman or two this summer and I will have to postpone my more ambitious plans until next year.  😦

[If you don’t know the distances: a double ironman requires the participants to swim 7.6km, then cycle 360km and finally run 84km. The winners do this in about 20-21 hours. The time limit is usually between 32 and 36 hours and “normal” participants sleep for 2-4 hours. My personal goal would have been to finish “slowly but surely” after 35h 59m, including 4 hours of sleep.]