People who were leaving the train station in Bern today between 17h40 and 18h00 through the west exit (if my memory is correct), had the honor of being abused as guinea pigs for a small sociological experiment. A pair of helping hands and myself were distributing flyers to interested people whose grasp reflex was still intact.

You can see the flyer here.

(The second “column” looks properly aligned when printed. I had to use Google docs, rather than MS Word, as only Google displayed all the crazy fonts correctly, even though I had all the additional Eastern Asian fonts support installed.)

Pretty interesting to see people’s reaction (though mostly only from the rear) when they were walking away while reading the flyer.

Some, of course, just took it and immediately put it into a pocket without looking at it.

Some looked at it briefly, didn’t immediately “get it” within the first second and then put it into a pocket.

But others, and this was by far the largest group, were actually continuing to read it as they walked away and even showing it to their partner/friends when they were in a group. A few people even turned around after a few meters with a surprised smile (… a priceless facial expression …) and one man “promised” to memorize all of phrases.   🙂

When I returned to Lausanne I also distributed some flyers to mailboxes in my building, respectfully leaving out the ones which explicitly ask for “no ads” (… though it’s only an advertisement for life itself …).

Tomorrow or on Monday I’ll probably try to distribute a few more in Basel.