Ok, this actually happened quite a while ago, but I never wrote it down (… and I certainly don’t want to forget this incident).

About  a year ago I went to Potsdam for a small scientific workshop. On one evening I also went out to dance salsa. On my way back to my accommodation (… obviously I was staying with a host from the hospitalityclub …) at about 1am I had to wait for a tram for about 10 minutes. While I was waiting, a young guy in his late teens walked up to me and asked me: “Got a paper?” (O-ton: “Haste mal ‘nen Paper?”)

Now, as most of you will probably know, the word “paper” in my daily languages refers to a scientific publication. As I happened to have a couple of “papers” in my bag, I was even more puzzled by this question and couldn’t quite figure out, why this random youngster would be interested in scientific literature at 1am in the morning.

A couple of seconds (and a very confused look from my vis-à-vis) later I eventually replied: “No, sorry.”

It took me what felt like an hour to realize that he had asked me for rolling paper for cigarettes.