No, they were not all run over when they crossed the road. But chickens are simply not needed anymore. What the world needs nowadays are efficient laying hens – and Hy-Line provides them!

Their vision:

“At Hy-Line International, we strive to breed the most efficient laying hens that will produce the majority of eggs worldwide to nourish a growing population.

And their values:

The Hy-Line International team embraces a set of common values:

* Integrity and honesty with everyone
* Hard work in the pursuit of quality and excellence
* Diversity and cooperation across international boundaries
* Cross functional teamwork to solve problems
* Stewardship and welfare of our animals and the environment
* Confidence in the performance of our breeds
* Passion about listening to and serving our customers
* Innovation and creativity in everything we do
* Resilience and resourcefulness

By embracing these values, we believe that we foster a vibrant, engaging environment for our people to flourish and grow as individuals and citizens.

Admittedly, I was “pleasently surprised” (… though more surpised than pleased …) when on the second reading I did eventually spot the word “animal” somewhere on this page.

If it was April Fool’s Day I’d be so sure that somebody was simply taking a piss with this list of products. Now I’m just disappointed by the world and a bit by myself, for not being more of an animals’ right activist.

The next time somebody tells you a “Why did the chicken cross the road?” joke, just reply “What chicken?” and point him to the Hy-Line website.