… when the 10-minute film by Geert Wilders about the Qur’an will be released in about 2 weeks.

In his own words he will try to show that that Islam’s holy book “is an inspiration for intolerance, murder and terror”. In February last year Wilders called on Muslims to “tear out half the pages of the Koran and throw them away”.

I wonder how any person can be so full of hatred. Does he really hope to change anybody’s life to the better with this film? (Ok, maybe his own due to more publicity.)

He wants to provoke and provoke he will. Sadly, people will let themselves go to their feelings of “revenge” and people will get hurt and probably killed if the film gets shown. More than one hundred people died after the Mohammed cartoons were released, but that will be a picnic compared to somebody tearing and burning the Qur’an and broadcasting it on youtube.

Of course, in an ideal world nobody would get insulted. They’d just ignore Wilder altogether and that would be the end of the story. But people will not ignore him.

So how could it be avoided that a single individual causes so much suffering and sorrow?

Does there have to be this asymmetry? What I mean: could a single person just as easily, by releasing a 10-minute film, bring joy and happiness to the world and support the mutual respect and understanding between religions?

Would it change the world if there was 10-minute film with all the religious leaders playing pool together, or maybe going on a roller coaster ride together?

It certainly wouldn’t hurt (and it would immediately become my favorite movie), but I doubt that it would start waves of people embracing each other as brothers and as fellow human beings in their quest for happiness.