… don’t let Mike Huckabee be the next US president.

In case you’re not following the US primaries, Huckabee wants “to amend the Constitution so it’s in God’s standards rather than try to change God’s standards”. (Although later he seems to have changed his mind again.)

I really love most of the comments on this site concerning this plans. To quote a few:

“What a nutjob. Will he next call for an amendment to outlaw buddhism, judaism, atheism, etc?  Will his entire cabinet be pulled from pulpits across the country?  Even worse, will he pack the courts with even more incompetent jurist/Jesus-freaks? Haven’t we had enough of this road, having the leader of the free world believing he was given the job by God, not by the people that voted for him?  Get a grip, folks.  Keep your religion out of our government.  That’s how it was designed, for the protection of both church and state.”

” What’s wrong with having religious zealots run a government?  Seems to be working well in Iran.” [My favorite :-)]

” I’m a Republican, and a conservative one at that, but this line of discussion scares me a LOT.
I fail to understand this intolerant streak in religions generally, and in the fundamentalist ones in particular, that seem to require everyone to think their way or they aren’t safe to practice their own beliefs.  Maybe someone can explain that to me, but to date no one has even tried very hard.
If this truly reflects his thinking, and is not just a case of playing to the house, then I have my doubts about Gov. Huckabee’s qualifications to be President, or any other office under our Constitution.
Absent some clarification (one that makes real sense and isn’t spin), this conservative, Republican, constitutionalist will not be voting for the Gentleman from Arkansas in November, or at any other time.”

“As an Evangelical who has studied the Bible and theology, it begs the question: if you are going to amend the Constitution on those things because of the bible, why not foreign policy as well? I mean, the Bible does make it clear to love those who hate you and bless those who persecute you. So by biblical standards we should not have invaded other countries in response to 9/11. Those who live by the sword die by it. Mr. Huckabee, at least be consistent.”

” I’m a Christian – and I have NO intention of voting for Mike Huckabee!
God wouldn’t want me to – for many reasons.”