Last weekend, for the first time in my life, I had the opportunity to be involved in the organization of a surprise party for a friend here (who recently returned from a three-month trip through South-East Asia). In particular I had the honor of escorting her from her home to the party location. Of course, she did not know that it would be a small party with several of her friends and, of course, she was blindfold.

Originally, I thought that it would be impossible for her to figure out, where we were going. But, to be sure, I used every available round-about to cover any traces I might have left so far by going around at least twice each time. Still, in the end she knew/guessed exactly where she was. The main reason for this was: we were at her work place! (A very good friend of hers had rented a room there in the basement.)

And, stupid me, we took the same way to work she takes every day. Even the roundabout-confusion didn’t help as there were certain significant landmarks (e.g., a ramp onto a highway and also the roundabouts themselves). Looking back the obvious solution would have been to go for a significant detour and take an alternative route through the city and to approach the location from the opposite direction. I still can’t believe that I didn’t think of this before!! Stupid me!

But, the next time you plan a surprise party for somebody, feel free to hire me as a chauffeur, with all the experience I’ve now gained.