No, not because there are certain doctrines in Islam (that I’m aware of) that appeal to me a lot more than doctrines in other religions, but because I think it would be an adequate way to show solidarity. [On a related note: The conductor Daniel Barenboim took on the citizenship of Palestine as a sign of solidarity about a year ago, but this only became public very recently.]

Why solidarity? Because I feel sickened and personally insulted by recent statements made by the Austrian politician Susanne Winter. In a public speech she said that the prophet Muhammed would according to the juridical system of our time be a “child molester“, as he married a 6-year old girl when he was 50. Later, in an interview, she added that “there is widespread abuse of children among Muslim men“.

It’s tempting to try to argue back at the same level along the lines that most statistics show (I guess) that the the number of alleged cases of child abuses committed by Catholic priests is (when normalized by the number of people present in a country) significantly higher than for Muslim men, but then you’re at a level of “debate” where you might as well argue that Christ was a bastard, as his father was not his wife’s husband or that Buddha should have paid alimonies, as he left his wife and daughter behind to find enlightenment.

Can somebody please explain to me, how politicians like Susanne Winter can claim to “uphold Christian values”? [Btw: it’s always great fun, when a politician names the 10 commandments as one of the Christian values … but then fails to recite more than 6/7.]

So far I’ve always selected “none” on any form asking me for my religion. The next time I’ll put “Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindi” (and maybe more, depending on the space provided). Somehow scary to think that there are probably more forms which can accommodate multiple nationalities, than there are forms which can accommodate multiple religions.