It has always bothered me that I can get certain things into my rational head, but I still can’t “fully understand” them as I can’t get them into my “heart”.

To start with the gloomiest example:  Of course, I “know” I’ll die. But just like 99.99% of mankind I can’t “step out of myself” to understand what this really means. I can’t understand it with my heart.

Less gloomy: The universe appears to be huge, mind-boggingly huge. Possibly finite but without edges (just as the surface of a balloon does not have any edges to an ant), but certainly very, very big. Though I’m happy to “compute” with “infinity” in a mathematical sense, I have no real idea what infinite space really “means” (or even a single light year).

Least gloomy: In fact, I don’t even know what it means to live on this very planet with 6.5 billion other human beings. But this I begin to understand ever so slightly better thanks to “Breathing Earth“.

The ecological aspect (trying to display CO2 emissions) of this site I still fail to understand, but the idea to have simple dots appear to represent a birth/death somewhere on this planet, I somehow find very accessible.

So if you’re into “strange” experiences, then just go to the site and let it “run” for a while and really try to “understand” that a yellow dot means that a new person in that country was just born and a brown dot means that a person in that country just died.