No, not durak (дурак), the Russian word for “fool“, but “buraq“.

That’s a word I learned today in the small exhibition “Présence absente du prophète Mahomet” about Islamic art. (The things on display were similar to the things here.) A buraq is a flying half woman, half pegasus being (… or rather, a third woman [the head], a third eagle [the wings], a third horse [the legs/body]). If I understood correctly, such a buraq carried the Prophet Muhammed up to heaven.

Given my ignorance concerning the Islam (and pretty much all religions) I was a bit surprised that there were actually depictions of female heads (belonging to buraqs or angels) without a veil on such holy images.

I was also surprised to find out that Muhammed and Jesus were actually very, very, …, very distant cousins (whose last common ancestor was supposedly Abraham, compare e.g. the lists here and here, or the more critical account here.). Funny, what you can learn by studying the genealogy of other families (which were beautifully drawn).
Another thing I learned (which I actually had to read up on later to understand) is the existence of Seth. Every heard of Cain and Abel? Well, there was a third brother! In fact, according to Jewish/Christian/Muslim belief, the whole human lineage descends from Seth’s children.

If there were only sons, where did the children come from? Adam and Eve during their lifespan of about 900 years “multiplied” (as they were told to) and had sex about 55 times, creating a total of 32 sons and 23 daughters (at least according to the account discussed here).

From then on it was incest all the way. But this was no problem, as Adam and Eve’s genes where still perfectly pure without any genetic diseases (as is also discussed here).

What were Henderson’s words again? – I don’t have a problem with religion. What I have a problem with …