(If you don’t know this phrase, then maybe you’re interested to read up on the cultural reference.)

If you’ve recently been to Germany, you will have noticed the rampaging hoards of youngsters/mobsters  terrorizing innocent, law-abiding, conservative voters. Glad that there are politicians such as Roland Koch who come to our rescue by proposing much harsher youth laws and boot camps.

Of course, not that the numbers indicate any recent rise in crime among youths, or not as if the judges are in favor of such measures, or not as if boot camps actually worked in the US, but, hey, who needs proof in an election campaign?

In my (limited) understanding, it is much more the supportive institutions such as this one, which actually help to put the trouble kids back onto the right track.

[Apologies that all the relevant links point to German pages, but currently there’s an incredibly stupid (in my opinion) debate going on concerning “Germany’s most urgent problem”: criminal youngsters. If you happen to live in Hessen, please, please don’t let Roland Koch get away with this cheap populist campaign.]