I guess everyone has heard of the following philosophical dilemma (attributed to Zhungazi): Suppose you dream that you’re butterfly. Now you wake up and you’re a human. But how can you be sure that you’re not just a butterfly dreaming that it is a human? (And would it make any practical difference?)

I’ve often had lucid dreams in my past before, but I don’t remember anything like the dream I had last night. It started out by me dreaming, that I was dreaming, that I was dreaming, that I was dreaming. Though at the beginning I thought it was reality. Then, as various strange things kept happening, I suddenly woke up, or rather I thought I had woken up (though in fact, I was still dreaming, that I was dreaming that I was dreaming). I was glad that I had found a rational explanation for all those strange things but then other strange things kept happening and I kept asking myself: “How can this be now that you’re awake?” And so I eventually I “woke up” again and in my dream I remembered that I had “woken up” before. Now repeat the whole thing again. Eventually, rather than “waking up” I just became lucid, so I still knew that I was actually dreaming and the inexplicable things didn’t bother me anymore.

So now I have the following dilemma:

How can I know whether I’m not just a human, dreaming that he’s a butterfly, who’s dreaming that it’s a human? 😉