So far, there were only two people on my “Ingmar’s official heroes” list.

Tensin Gyatso and Peter Ustinov.

Now I have a new hero: Galsan Tschinag.

He appeared on a talk show two days ago. I don’t remember which one, as I wasn’t even watching initially.  The other guests included Til Schweiger, a German female boxer, some cook and, ironically, a son of Peter Ustinov. None of them really fascinated me. But this Mongolian chief, who writes books in German, has an amazing charisma!

It’s rare that anyone radiates such a warmth, such a humor, such an intellect and such a wisdom at the same time.

The next day I tried to get one of his books in a local bookstore but they didn’t have any. Funny thing: I was not the first person who had asked for this author on that day in that store.   🙂

Then I was wondering, why in modern times bookstores could not run some simple program to scan all the TV programs for appearances of writers. The store could have sold at least two books more, if they would have had such a program, which told them: “Oh, you should probably order a handful of books by this and that author as he’ll appear on TV next week.”