Recently, two newborn babies were accidentally swapped in a clinic in Saarlouis. This in itself is of course a horrible tragedy for the parents. But what really amazes me is how they found out about this.

The father decided to take a paternity test as, apparently, he thought that his “daughter” had too little resemblance with him. (Or at least that’s how the German news put it.) But how on earth did his notice that? For me all newborn babies are, of course, very cute and lovable, but most of them look fairly similar. Certainly, I would never ever be confident enoug to say that a newborn baby should have more resemblance with person X.

To me it sounds more as if the news got it wrong. Probably the family noticed certain differences between the oven-warm, freshly come-to-life little worm and the clean poster girl they got back from a nurse later. Slightly different nose. Bigger ears. This I can believe. But I seriously doubt that the father really thought “she doesn’t look anything like me” and decided to take the test.