The day before yesterday, when I was coming home from work in the evening, I stopped behind another car at a red traffic light. (This one to be exact.) Just when the traffic light was about to turn green, the driver in front of me left his car and, apparently, walked away. Probably some sort of argument with the person sitting next to the driver (though he seemed to remain perfectly calm). Strange. I managed to change lanes in time to still cross the intersection without having to wait during the next red phase, so I don’t know how the whole story ended.

Now what really amazed me is that nobody used his car horn to express her/his/its state of annoyance over the fact that the lane was now blocked. Everybody simply remained calm. I’d imagine that in most countries this would have been handled differently. In the best case, there would have been a deafening concert of car horns. But it in some South American countries the driver probably would have been shot or at least had his car stolen (with the second person as a hostage). [Long live my prejudices!]