I don’t like criminals who use force or even merely threaten to use force. I like the slick Thomas Crown kind of criminal.

In Dublin a single criminal yesterday pulled a pretty cool stunt. He drove up to the Guiness brewery with an empty trailer, and drove away with beer worth about 64k Euros. That simple.

Pretty cool, I must admit. Only that I don’t like beer …

Similar stunts are apparently not that rare (these were all found on the link above):

Thieves in Gloucester made off with four lorries full of cans of lager last year, worth £500,000

Russian tree-planters punctured a vodka pipeline crossing the Latvian border. Customs officials believe that bootleggers had been selling the spirit for decades

Irish customs officers seized 1,500 liters of pure alcohol from the IRA in 2005 in a raid on the illegal distilleries that helped to fund their operations. Along with the alcohol they found bottling and capping machines and high-quality copies of brand labels, which allowed them to make near-perfect copies of many spirits on an industrial scale


A vodka pipeline?? I still learn new things every day …