Angela Merkel recently met with the Dalai Lama, and I’m very glad she did. But this meeting also upset a large number of people.

Firstly, the Chinese authorities which are always quick to shout “stop mingling with our internal affairs” when anybody dares to question the morality of certain actions.

But, secondly, also business leaders in Germany who are afraid that tensions in the German-Chinese relations could have a negative impact on business. They openly try to lobby to avoid any further criticism of the human rights situation in China, as this could be bad for business.

This sickens me.

In German there’s a saying: “Money rules the world.” And the question, if politicians or multinational companies have more power on our daily life, does indeed seem less and less clear to me.

[I know, I know. I’m still naive enough to think that politicians might actually have any power at all.]