That’s me!

No ice on the roads during the last days (so I could drive safely from Lausanne to Saarbrücken for my PhD defense and my family could drive from Wegholm to Saarbrücken).

The GPS navigation system in the car that my brother rent was fortunately still displaying summer time (i.e., one hour “in the future”) so that they hurried more to get to Saarbrücken in time. This way they could still help me with various things. (Otherwise, they’d have probably arrived just 10 minutes before the actual defense.)

My mom (a primary school teacher) has every Friday off this semester. (She never had a day off every week for the last 20 years or so.) So she could actually come to the defense without any trouble.

I could have my (successful) defense the day before my mom’s birthday.

There were lots of fantastic people at the MPII who helped me on Friday (most of all Alexandra)!

Ralf not only let me stay at his place during the last couple of days, but he also did at least 70% of the work for preparing the party. (Pictures coming soon …)

It was great to see so many friends and colleagues at the party in the evening.

I was proud of my mom that even with her 61 years she still came to the party and stayed until 00h30 or so.