England has always been famous for its traffic roundabouts. But this particular roundabout is a class of its own.

The magic roundabout at Swindon.

You have to see it yourself to believe it. Five baby roundabouts together make up the mother of all roundabouts. Here’s a great “video” explaining the traffic flow (… warning: I find this slightly addictive!).

Even after reading the Wikipedia article the justification for this rather peculiar arrangement is 100% unclear to me. “It is an innovative system which was constructed after consultation with the British Road Research Laboratory.” What the f…!?!

I’m sure whoever cooked this one up has probably longed died of cramps in his lungs due to excessive laughter.

Why not go one level higher and have a couple of magic roundabouts form a meta-magic roundabout? Why not arrange the whole road network of a country to be one big meta-meta-meta-meta-….-meta-magic roundabout?