… when he throws a rubber shoe at a referee. Yesterday, this day finally arrived for me.

I finally went to my first impro theater match. A local team competed (yes! Competed!) against a team from Southern France in the discipline of improvised acting.

For one reason or another (… though I’m not sure what that one reason or the other could be …) it is customary at such occasions to give rubber shoes to the audience to throw at their discretion … usually at the main referee (who’s there to make sure that the actors act out the theme and, e.g., actually use rhymes when the category demands rhymes).

I certainly enjoyed the whole experience but I must admit that I was in a bit too deep with respect to the language. If it had been in German or English, I surely would have laughed my a..rm of, but in French, well, c’était pas si drôle.

Still, the overall experience was certainly refreshing and I can recommend it even to not-even-close-to-native speakers.