Occasionally, I think I know her. Occasionally, I think I know how to read her signs. That’s then probably during one of those moments when she gives me a green light and tells me to go ahead. But tonight I had again almost no clue where I stand.

I find it it really hard to find my way around in Lausanne. Especially by car. I yet have to find a road close to the city center, which continues straight for more than 100 meters. All those one-way streets. All those different levels. One moment you think you’re going towards St. Francois and the next moment you’re down in the Flon … 10 meters below the level where you’d like to be.

I think I’m always forcing everything into a mental rectangular grid pattern. A is North of B (so I have to take a road going North).
C is East of D (so I have to go East). And so on. In Lausanne I can get only get this work for distances of more than 2 kilometers and for locations not close to the city center.

I wonder how long it will take for me to remember all the forbidden left and right turns. How long until I’ll remember how to get to a certain parking place. Probably not in this lifetime. At least I still enjoy a certain auto motorist’s immunity with my German number plate. Other drivers are more understanding and I’m still waiting to find out, whether they will actually forward two parking tickets to my address in Germany. If they don’t send them soon, I’ll be safe … as next week they won’t be able to locate my in Germany anymore: no more registered addresses. Oh, what a joy!