At least not if you’re a ruminant.

Somehow it has so far escaped my attention that livestock is also contributing significantly to the emission of greenhouse gases (such as methane). Apparently, mostly through the form of burbs and, to a lesser degree, farts.

New Zealand tried to levy a tax which was commonly labeled “fart tax” but, not surprisingly, this project was canceled due to stiff public opposition.

What’s interesting is that this kind of problem is behind a whole line of research about the reduction of such emissions. Different diet for the animals? Can you breed sheep which burp less? Can you genetically engineer their digestive system?

In case you’re wondering if your burps (and farts) are also a serious problem for global warming: no, at least no to the same extend. This only appears to be a serious problem for ruminants.

Fish farms do, as far as I know, not [directly] contribute to greenhouse gases. (Needless to say that there are also other ethical issues involved.)